Venture Capital

Plutus One Capital is a venture capital business based in Australia and the United Kingdom.

As founders and entrepreneurs who have already been through all the challenges of raising capital, we know that it can be a complex and energy-draining process which distracts you from what really matters: focusing on your business idea and transforming it into a successful company capable of changing the game within your industry.

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart. – Thomas Watson Sr.

For this reason, we created Plutus One Capital with one mission in mind: to build and maintain a portfolio of startup companies that represent high growth opportunities and are looking to disrupt their industry.

Our team of partners is highly experienced with the risks of early stage venture capital investments, and we want to pave your way to success by providing a smooth journey with the right investment strategy in mind. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are looking to invest in other entrepreneurs with passion, experience, and the ambition to generate long-term impact.

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“The process from start to finish took under 10 weeks. This was with the unobtrusive but thorough due diligence.”

John Moore
Finance Director, Wolfcraig Distillery

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