Investment Process

Before we make any investment, we assess each particular case to understand its background, as well as its individual needs and goals. While each process might be slightly different depending on the case, these are the general steps that we follow:

The first step of our investment process is a screening meeting with one of our Partners. If there is a mutual interest, the next step is to begin due diligence as soon as possible.

Once we’ve completed the screening process, we will review the background of the team and the track record of the company. Our goal is to verify the idea, the business plan, the target audience, presentation, as well as final projections.

If you’ve passed the due diligence stage successfully, one of our Partners will present the potential investment opportunity to the team of Plutus One Capital with his or her recommendation.

The team will discuss the case and make a collaborative investment decision. If the decision was positive, we will also determine the type and level of investment.

In the next stage of the investment process, we will discuss the timing, options, as well as type and level of investment.

Our goal is to help companies become established and maintain a sustainable business strategy in the long run.

After we’ve completed the investment process and the funding has been transferred, we will stay engaged with the company to receive regular updates and provide ongoing advice, support, and network opportunities.

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